Walking among the litterfall

dew makes for wet shoes

in the early morning

when all is quiet but for the

Meadowlark’s call

Melancholy thought ravage

unsoothed by this stroll

Darkness takes over

as the rising sun

offers tepid relief

from sorrowful memories

Finish Line

Let me walk a mile in your shoes so I can taste your teardrops

Tell me of your sadness and tell me of your happiness

I want to tally all your laughs and sing the songs that make you dance

Afterwards there will be so many secrets only we can share

At the finish line we can dance together as one


In the sunny spring they met and touched hands

Scorching summer nights found them seeking cool sheets

Fall was full of color. They bathed in it and felt wonder at its beauty and what they had

Come the chill of winter when they were dazzled by the warmth they made