A thunderstorm threatens

behind my eyes

Betrayal, hot and molten

sears the air

Love withheld


my withering heart

and now

the rain



Once succor

was found at her feet

and comfort is sought

once again

But the cost, the price,

the fee,

my self-respect

Heart, attend

whispered advice

and be whole

once again

Forget her face

Concede her love

is but a chimera

and be unbroken

once again

3 thoughts on “Sister

  1. Hauntingly beautiful! I felt like for an unknown reason I was being torn from pain of what was betrayed to a brief renew to forget everything, I loved that quest! Great job!

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  2. The cadence of the last 4 lines is especially nice, and of course the point How the turbulence can be caused by holding on to an illusion and integrity restored by a recognition. Nice, nice!.


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